Woody's Dog Wash
Bowser takes a bath

Woody s Do-It-Yourself Doggie Wash is a fun and convenient way to bathe your dog at a fraction of a groomer s cost. Woody s offers the following amenities:

No bending or kneeling. No more back aches from bending or kneeling in your home tub or hunched over a garden hose. Woody s stainless steel state-of-the-art tubs are elevated at a comfortable waist-high level with a ramp for your dog to enter the tub on his own.

No messy bathtubs and clogged drains in your home. That s right...leave the hair and clean up to us. No more clogging your home drains and hauling out the sponge and cleanser to scrub the dirt and dead flea ring from around your bathtub. Just pamper your dog and we ll do the rest.

Six different professional grade shampoos for all different skin and fur types. We have a variety of specialized shampoos that offer flea control, anti-itch relief,sensitive skin, bright white and black care. Your pet will love you for it!

2 speed doggie hose dryers. Move over Paris Hilton...you re not the only one that can get that fluffed up look from a blow dryer. Now your dog can enjoy a salon blow dry with our 2 speed hose dryers. No shivering after a bath at Woody s. Just blow and go!

Professional nozzles with adjustable temperatures. No more dragging your reluctant dog under your stationary faucet or grabbing that 32 ounce 7-Eleven cup and pouring it over your dog a million times like you re bailing out of a sinking ship! These extended nozzles adjust to a comfortable warm temperature and can move around every inch of your dog enabling you to leave no soapy residue on his fur or skin.

Professional grooming tools: Brushes, combs, shavers, toe nail clippers, etc. Your dog will be ready to walk down the red carpet after you apply the finishing touches and brush, cut and clip him to a stunning finish. Westminster Dog Show here we come!

Only $20.00 per dog!
Come on down!
Do-It-Yourself is First Come First Serve
Grooming Appointments Preferred

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